DFK Collaboration

Around the World in 80 Days Joy War and Peace Paradox Fairytale


Knowing Oasis Pathos Voyeur


Eve and the Crow Illusion of Beauty Black Helen of Troy Helen of Troy  


Medusa Alchemy Cocoon Anticipation


Enchanted II Enchanted I Possession The Kraken's Scream Elixir of the Gods


Almost Paradise Carnivale Olympia  


Jungle Book Neptune Messenger Once Upon a Time  


Almost Paradise Carnivale  


Coming of Age Pulse of Creation  



DFK Collaboration

“DFK” is the signature of 3 seasoned artists’ “COLLABORATION “.  What is truly unique is the revolutionary process of these 3 different artistic minds, joining to explore their visual stories.

Frank DIXON :  teacher, Master Painter, brings his  powerful raw emotional style, tinged with a twist of humor and pathos.   His work is in the permanent collections of major museums.

Daniella FOLETTO: Born in France, Italian father, Swedish mother, Self-taught, her sense of beauty and sensual style combined with exuberant use of colors, has been  successful with numerous shows in Galleries Nationally.

Shunta KOBAYASHI: from Japan, mixing his Eastern knowledge and accomplishments with delicate sensibility and boldness.  Shunta moved to the USA as a young man to take advantage of the creative freedom found in the western culture.

 All 3 artists with their own distinctive styles, taking figures, landscapes  and animals from their own original paintings and creating with them, new visual stories within the digital world of today. “DFK” is celebrating the invention of the computer as a tool for creativity, to journey and guide us into the Art of Tomorrow .


Seeker Full Moon Past, Present  Future Mandala  


Mother Earth Veda At The Beginning of Time    


Veda woodblock At the Beginning of Time woodblock Birth of Venus woodblock  




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