Daniella Foletto was born and educated in Paris, France.  In her life and her art, she embodies the artistic heritage and creative energy of her Italian father and Swedish mother. She began to draw at two years old and was drawing figures, faces and animals at three. This was evidence of a unique artistic talent that would exhibit itself in many different and creative ways throughout her life.

As a young adult, Daniella married an American Diplomat and traveled extensively throughout the world. During a visit to her hometown, Paris, she was discovered by the famous Hungarian film director Jean Negulesco. From that initial meeting, she was signed with 20th Century Fox Studios and embarked in a successful television and film career, even receiving an Emmy nomination.

Even during those productive and rewarding years as an actress, filming in America and Italy with such leading man as Richard Burton, Ugo Tognassi, Rossano Brazzi, to name a few, Foletto felt most fulfilled and complete whenever she returned to painting. She realized that the glamorous and exciting detours in her life had ultimately brought her back to her one true love, painting. Her creative potential as a painter came with deep personal sacrifices. She left her film career and, soon after, her marriage.

Foletto then enrolled at The Art Institute of Southern California where she had the privilege to meet the renown artist and master Sueo Serisawa, close colleague of Willem De Kooning,  Jackson Pollock  and Diebenkorn. Sueo Serisawa  recognized the unique potential in the young artist and became her mentor. Foletto worked closely with Serisawa for the next eight incredible creative years .

Since then, Foletto has had many solo exhibitions in numerous galleries throughout The United State, and her paintings are part of many prominent private and corporate collections.

Her most recognizable trademark as an artist started with her “Prehistoric Collection.”

As a young girl, Foletto visited the 15,000 to 20,000 year old art on the cave walls of Lascaux in Southern France. So deep was her emotional and visual impact, she vowed to one day paint her own interpretation. When she felt ready, she began to recreate the heavy texture of the cave walls on her canvases. She then painted in rich earthly colors the majestic and forceful beauty of ancient herds of horses, deer and aurochs [bulls]. Foletto then traveled to Africa and another collection took life, painting the raw beauty of the proud and free animals of the African plains.

After a trip to Normandie, France, inspired by her sister’s farm and Claude Monet’s Giverny garden, another collection was created with endless fields of flowers and old stone farms cradled in lush green rolling hills.

In a homage to her father’s roots, Venezia, Italy and the family’s vineyards in Northern Tuscany, she captured the romance in her Italian Collection, “ Venetian Love Letters,” with delicate figures caught in time, combining past, present and future.

Then Foletto painted the passionate colors and the abundance of her family’s land with the “Tuscany collection”:  a visual feast of life, for the eyes and the hearts.